Tourism, Peace and Coexistence Program. Colombia

Colombia – 2015

The Guardagolfo Association of the Uraba-Darien which brings together community initiatives of tourism, fishing, handicrafts, rubber, cocoa and honey in the region; this organization represents the entrepreneurs of the Urabá region in the Committee of Tourism, Peace and Coexistence, which is promoted by the Vice Ministry of Tourism in the framework of the Nacional Development Plan 2014-2018.

The Committee is comprised of the territorial representatives – Antioquia, Choco, Magadalena and Putumayo- and business representatives from the pilot region of the Tourism, Peace and Coexistence Program: Urabá/Darién, Putumayo, Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta and Meta.

Since 2017, the Committee included new members: Cauca, Bolivar, Vichada and Caqueta. Mainly the municipalities of Carmen de Bolivar, Maria la Baja, San Basilio de Palenque, San Juan de Nepomuceno and San Jacinto in the Bolivar Province. Purace municipality in Cauca Province. The municipalities of Belen de los Andaquies, Docello, Montañita, Florencia, Milan, Morelia, San Jose de Fragua, San Vicente del Caguan in the Vichada Province. And finally, Puerto Carreño and Cumaribo municipalities in Vichada Province.

This initiative aims to strengthen de tourist destinations with a focus on peace building and public-private articulation.

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