Festival of Flavors, Sounds and Knowledge. Pijao, 2017.

Trailer Primer Festival de Sabores, Sonidos y Saberes.


17, 18, 19 September, 2017.

Come with us and Celebrate the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development!

The main objective of the event is to raise awareness about our rich heritage through a complete agenda. The first day let´s celebrate music, culture and gastronomy. The second day there will be an academic agenda focus on responsible and sustainable tourism. The third day an historic encounter and the conmemoration of tourism, development and sustainability.


To register please follow this link: https://goo.gl/forms/3y7zevmK1uxG4ma03

For more information please e-mail us: info@comuni-tur.com

Pijao Cittáslow, the first slow city in Latin America is wating for you.



Pijao, Quindío, COLOMBIA.


The First Festival of Flavors, Sounds and Knowledge where Culture, Tourism and Peace Building had a meeting point in September 25, 26 and 27 in El Carlos Touristic and Archeological Centre, in Necocli municipality, Antioquia, Colombia was a success.

El Carlos village were the best hosts along with Guardagolfo Association, Eco Huellas and Travel Tours. This festival was made possible thanks to COMUNITUR, Gobernación de Antioquia, Alcaldía de Necocli, and our special guests: Pijao Cittaslow Foundation and Creo en el Agro; we had the support of the Colombian National Police, the Colombian Agency for Reintegration, the Vice Ministry of Tourism of Colombia, the individual contributors and the entire Urabá!
El Carlos Ecotouristic and Archeological Center, the host, run by the Cooperative El Carlos – COOTUCAR, was visited by around 200 people, among adults and children from Necoclí municipality and all Urabá; people came from different parts of the national territory, and some international visitors who tasted their gastronomy, enjoyed their culture, and exchanged local, regional and national tourism and development initiatives.

Mónica Flórez, representative of the Pijao Foundation Cittaslow, shared her experience in tourism and development, Pijao is the first slow city in Latin America. Camilo Velasquez of “Creo en el Agro” attended the event participating in the cultural and commercial exhibition, and offering the first coffee tasting that takes place in the region. In this tasting, Don Leo’s coffee from Pijao obtained recognition for his coffee quality.

The Gobernación de Antioquia – Government of Antioquia- and the Necoclí municipality celebrated the Festival with the touristic community in the framework of the World Tourism Day, promoting the culture with a delicious tasting of local gastronomy, the presentation of “Palmeras de Urabá” Bullerengue local dance and musical group, and dance and music of the “Cayman Nuevo” indigenous community, who also shared with the participants their knowledge about the elaboration of the “molas”, their ancestral legacy shaped through this beautiful handicraft.

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