Festival of Flavors, Sounds and Knowledge. El Carlos, 2016. Pijao, 2017.

Trailer Primer Festival de Sabores, Sonidos y Saberes.


In the framework of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, COMUNITUR and Pijao Cittaslow Fundación, we had a big celebration with the realization of the second version of the Festival of Flavors, Sounds and Knowledge; from 17 to 19 September, 2017.

We have had the participation of more than 500 attendees during the cultural and commercial agenda day; with more than 135 attendees in the academic agenda, with a broad discussion in the framework of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

Cultural presentations were made, among these: the municipal band of the Santa Teresita School, the Kamajujho Dance, the dance of the older adult; the singer-songwriter Eduardo Rosero of the Cultural Foundation of Calarcá; with the support of the House of Culture of the municipality of Pijao. Moreover, large variety of origin coffee from Pijao were present – Don Leo, polé, pole, Bionativa, Pijao Tradition, La Granada, Rio Lejos Cofee, and as well as crafs and local cuisine with Galdys Molina.

We had the support of Avanza Cooperative, Ab Origen, TucoApp, La Morada, Gran Colombia University, Casa Lassio and people from de Caldas department, and the Tourism and Development Corporation.

Fundación Cittaslow, COMUNITUR- Natalia Naranjo, Beatriz Martin and the Communitarian Association of Yarumo Blanco; the Chamber of Comerce od Armenia and Quindío, Roberto Restrepo, Jaime Arias from the Bahareque Foundation, the Governorate of Quindío and the tourist service providers with RNT – Hostal Plaza, Por los caminos operador and La Pequeña Casa of Mónica Flórez, and the young Stefhanie Mejía from the Cittaslow Pijao network; all of them participated in the academic agenda.

During the event, the Top 100 Green Destinations 2017 certificate was given to the Communitarian Association of Yarumo Blanco with the destination Otún-Quimbaya Sanctuary of Flora and Fauna; for the second consecutive year.

We want to thank for their participation to the Municipality of Pijao, the Agriculture Secretary, the Governorate of Quindío with the presence of the Secretary of Tourism, Jorge Humberto Guevara and Eduardo Mejía, who is in charge of the implementation of the technical standards of sustainability in Pijao; and to the Vice Ministry of Tourism, led by Mary Amalia Vásquez.

Local sales for 10 million pesos were registered, including lodging, food, snacks, tours and transport services; thereby confirming the importance of the event for revitalization of the local economy and, at the same time, the strengthening of the culture and the identity of the place.

In the event, most material were reused, the use of disposable articles was minimized, the use of bottled water was avoided, the energy use was taken care and the generation of waste was minimized. And our greatest final footprint:  the planting of plants in the Main Park. We left everything much better than when we arrive! With no garbage on the floor and with flowers for butterflies and birds!

Thanks to everyone who makes possible these spaces of exchange and learning!

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Memorias Pijao 2017



El Carlos, Necoclí, Antioquia, COLOMBIA.

25, 26 and 27 September, 2016.

From 25 to 27 September, it was successfully held in the Ecotouristic and Archaeological Center El Carlos, Municipality of Necoclé, Antioquia in Colombia; the First Festival of Flavors, Sounds and Knowledge, where culture, tourism and peace building had a meeting point.

The hamlet of El Carlos; the best hosts, hand in hand with the Guardagolfo Association, Eco Huellas and Travel Tours. Thanks to COMUNITUR, the Governorate of Antioquia, the Necoclí Municipality and our special guests: Fundación Pijao Cittáslow and Creo en el Agro (I believe in agriculture); this Festival became possible. Thanks to the support of the Nacional Police of Colombia, to the Colombian Agency for Reintegration, to the Vice Ministry of Tourism of Colombia, to individual contributors and to all people of Urabá!

The host, the Ecotouristic and Archaeological Center El Carlos, which is administrated by the Associated Tourism Cooperative El Carlos – COOTUCAR; was visited by around 200 people, including adults and children from de village, people form Necoclí municipality, from Urabá, people from different parts of the national territory and some international visitors; who tasted its gastronomy, enjoyed its cultural wealth and exchanged local, regional and national tourism and development experiences.

Mónica Flórez, representative of Fundación Pijao Cittáslow, shared her experience in tourism and development, also she talked about Pijao which is the first slow city in Latin America. At the same time, Camilo Velásquez from Creo en el Agro was in the event with his participation in the cultural and commercial sample. Moreover, he offered the first coffee tasting that takes place in the region. At the tasting, the Coffee of Don Leo from Pijao, obtained an acknowledgment for its quality.

The Antioquia Government and the Necocli Municipality celebrated with the tourist community this Festival in the framework of the World Tourism Day, bringing culture closer to host and guest communities, with delicious tastings of the local cuisine, the presentation of the bullerengue group Palmeras of Urabá and the dances of the indigenous community of Caimán Nuevo; who also shared their knowledge about the elaboration of molas, ancestral legacy that is shaped through this beautiful craft.

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Memorias El Carlos 2016