Otun-Quimbaya, Colombia: Top 100 Green Destinations

Top100 2016The Otun-Quimbaya Fauna and Flora Sanctuary in Risaralda, Colombia; was chosen for the second time as a Green Destination Top 100 around the globe. Green Destinations, Destination Stewardship Center, Asian Ecotourism Network, Travel Mole, VISION on Sustainable Tourism and Quality Coast support the initiative that seeks to recognize the touristic destinations that make a difference in sustainability.

The Top 100 Green Destinations certifications were delivered the 26th of September in Ljubjana Castel in Slovenia – chosen as a Green European Capital 2016-, with approximately 350 participants from all over the world.

There were more than 150 nominations from different corners, selected and evaluated by an expert panel. “Nevertheless, no destination is sustainable for the full 100%. Also in the selected destinations important issues remain to be solved. Due to a lack of data, carbon emission of travellers to arrive at the destination is not currently taken into account in this competition. However, Green Destinations recommend travellers to avoid long-haul travels, and to compensate their carbon emissions.”

There were 15 main criteria, some of them based on the Global Sustainable Tourism Council Criteria, which supported the process. The nomination of the Colombian destination was in charge of Natalia Naranjo, tourism and development adviser.

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