GSTC2017 Speakers


GSTC Global Sustainable Tourism Conference 2017 (September 6-9, Aysén, Chile)

GSTC2017 – Towards More Sustainable Destinations: Management, Marketing, and Awareness

In Aysen, Chile, it was held successfully the GSTC Global Sustainable Tourism Conference, on September 6-9, 2017. The event was attended by more than 250 participants from 29 countries, national and international experts who fed the agenda


with great content around the sustainable tourism management subject.

The presentations and panels addressed issues such as climate change and tourism, sustainable tourism marketing, visitor management, indigenous and community-based tourism, among others. For the third time, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council was held in Latin America. Swisscontact Colombia led by Cecilia Rivera participated in one of the indigenous tourism panels, and FEDEC led by Elias Bernal, also contributed in the community-based tourism panel which was led by Natalia Naranjo, representative of COMUNITUR.

Day by day, this professionals network who work, mostly, as volunteers to raise awareness around sustainable tourism is made known. Within the GSTC objectives is the application of the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria, as an important step towards sustainability; this is the starting point for all those who contribute to the tourist value chain. Very


soon, it will be defined the place where the next encounter will have place on 2018. We invite you to be part of this network.


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