In COMUNITUR we are engaged to focus our activities on strengthening destinations through good practices that promote responsible consumption and production.

In our network, we act with ethics, integrity and transparency; in a collaborative way to strengthen ourselves as a group and to hold events, to carry out joint projects that allow us to create awareness of the sustainable development goals but, above all, to change attitudes towards the environment and the people around us and also, to be aware of our impacts on the environment.

If you could change the world with a small gesture, what would you choose? The sustainable development goal allows us to identify different fronts for action in which, through small gestures, we could add great impacts. Our action is urgent, if we are not yet aware of the importance that have our daily actions such as the purchase decision, we must think about the effort and the negative impact of what we are acquiring.

¿How much water and energy does the manufacture of disposable cutlery require? ¿how much pollution does this represent? ¿Why is it so easy for us to use a throw away? Without thinking about the impact that we are generating and that could be avoided. Let us be conscious of our vital participation in our massive destruction. ¿Why don’t we stop? ¿Why don’t we think in a new way of doing things? ¿Is it so hard to consider more green, organic and natural possibilities in our daily life? These are only some questions that I leave you… a more sustainable, happy and healthier life for everyone.

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